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The use of incense in Hoodoo practice

The bible calls for the use of incense in conjunction with prayer. Psalm 141 says “May my prayer be set before you like incense; may the lifting up of my hands be like the evening sacrifice.” Revelation 8:4 says “The smoke of the incense, together with the prayers of God's people, went up before God from the angel's hand.”

Much of Hoodoo involves the use of prayer, not just the Sacred Psalms, but self-directed prayer as well, therefore the connection of incense and prayer in Hoodoo is firmly entrenched.

There are many types of incense and just as many uses for incense in the practice of Hoodoo, lets take a quick look at the various types.

Types of Incense used in Conjure and Witchcraft

Self Lighting Incense is the brand sold by Lucky Mojo, and our favorite choice for hoodoo spell work and prayer.  Self Lighting Incenses offers some advantages sticks and cones do not offer. This form of incense has the herbs and roots directly in the incense, not just an essential oil or fragrance.  All Lucky Mojo self lighting incense has actual pure essential oils, not synthetic fragrances.

The Lucky Mojo Self Lighting incense is made in the Hoodoo Tradition by trained staff, and with the same formulas used in their candles, conjure oils, sachet powders and bath crystals.

Step 7, Light Incense Powder Cone
Resin Incense is always an excellent choice for Rootwork Practices, especially if you wish to use Frankincense, Myrrh or Dragon's Blood.  These magical incenses come in resin form and can be burned on charcoal disks. You can purchase Lucky Mojo Resin incenses from us, that will be shipped to you directly from the Lucky Mojo store.

Incense Sticks, also known as Joss sticks are used in many East Asian religions.  Joss Sticks come in a variety of sizes and burn from 30 minutes to a few hours.  The most commonly available scents for this type of incense are spiritual blends such as Nag Champa; herbal blends such as Sandalwood, Dragon's Blood and Patchouli; and blends with such names as Mountain Rain, Aphrodite and Nightingale.

When selecting Joss Sticks for a Hoodoo practice look for those that are a natural aromatic with a Hoodoo association necessary for the work, or those spiritual scents requested by the spirits or gods you are working with.  Avoid blended scents unless you know the company has the knowledge to created Hoodoo blends.

Incense Cones, traditionally burn faster then other forms of incense so can be selected if you are doing quick work or a small offering. 

Incense Cones come in the same variety of scents that Joss Sticks do, and equal consideration should be used when selecting an appropriate incense for your work.

Uses of Incense in Hoodoo and Conjure

Prayer - Incense can be lit as part of your spiritual prayer sessions. You can read more about the power of prayer in Secrets of the Psalms by Godfrey Selig. Lucky Mojo blessing incense is a wonderful choice for prayers, as is Fiery Wall of Protection, Healing and Clarity incense.

Candle Spells - Incense is traditionally set in the altar space when doing a candle spell.  You can read more about moving candle spells in The Master Book of Candle Burning by Henri Gamache. You have many choices of incenses to set out on your altar when doing a moving candle spell, a good all around recommendation would be Lucky Mojo frankincense resin incense set along side the altar candles, or Crown of Success for success in your work. Each of the Lucky Mojo Spell kits come with a package of incense for your work.

Mojo Hands & Baby Dolls - In the creation of Mojo Hands, Baby Dolls and other similar types of container spells, the items are passed thru incense to charge them; this is known as "smoking". The choice of incense is relevant to the type of work being done, however Lucky Mojo commanding incense is a great choice for Baby Doll or Poppet work, while Lucky Mojo Money Drawing, Kiss Me Now, Marriage, or Fast Luck are great choices when making mojos for money, love, marriage or general luck drawing.

Spiritual Bathing - When performing a spiritual bath, incense and candles are set out as part of the process.  Consider Lucky Mojo Uncrossing, Cast of Evil, Blessing, or Cut and Clear incense when doing a spiritual bathing to remove crossed conditions, cast off evil, bless new ventures, or clear away bad influences.

Spiritual Cleaning - When cleaning your house spiritually, a lighted candle and an offering of incense is left in each room after closing prayers.  Lucky Mojo offers a number of incenses appropriate to this kind of work; such as Van Van, House Blessing, Prosperity and Uncrossing.

Smoking Papers - Other forms of smoking are done in Hoodoo practices, including passing papers thru smoke to dress them with the proper condition, such as for Crown of Success on test papers, Love Me on love letters, Court Case on legal papers, Pay Me on loans, or Steady Work on job applications.

Smoking Clients - Many old time root doctors light to smoke their clients to prepare them for certain spiritual undertakings. A burner for the incense is placed on the floor and the client stands over it; the spiritual worker brushes or fans the incense smoke upwards onto the client clothes to bring in power, strength, good luck or other needed conditions.  This especially effective when preparing a person for court case appearance.

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