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It is no surprise that those who practice Hoodoo are also known as Rootdoctors.  Herbs, roots and curios are used heavily in conjure practices.  As early as 200 AD herbalists have worked under the Doctrine of Signature philosophy, which states that an herb or root that resembled animals, human body parts or other objects and relation to those creatures, and both magical and medicinal uses that could be determined by the look, feel and behavior of the plant.  It is widely believed that God marked objects with a sign or signature to indicate their purpose.  It is for this reason the folk names of plants carry a resemblance to their magical and medicinal uses. In addition to herbs and roots, the use of minerals and zoological curios sets Hoodoo apart from European folk magic.  This is one of the practices that clearly marks Hoodoo as being African.

Herbs, Roots and Curios used in Hoodoo

Herbs, Roots and Seeds are widely used in rootwork.  Some of the herbs used in Hoodoo but not common to European herb practices are; Alkanet, Angelica, Asafoetida, Aspand, Black Snake Root, Blood Root, Blue Flag, Deer's Tongue, Five Finger Grass (shown right), Golden Seal, Job's Tears, Master Of The Woods, Master Root, Mojo Beans, Rattlesnake Master, Sampson Snake Root, Snake Week, Solomon Seal Root, Spanish Moss, Tobacco, Tonka Bean, Wahoo Root Bark, and Black Walnuts. five finger grass
The use of whole roots in Hoodoo has a long standing tradition.  Whole roots are preferred for mojo bags, pocket pieces, altar work and talisman making. Some of the whole roots used uniquely in conjure are Buckeye Nut, Calamus Root, Devil Shoe Strings, Gravel Root, High John the Conqueror Root (shown right), Little John to Chew, Lucky Hand Root, Master Root, Queen Elizabeth Root, and Southern John Root.
Natural powders, dusts, grits, rocks, and man-made objects such as coins and nails are also used in the practice of Hoodoo. Minerals are used for attracting good luck, removing crossed conditions, and protection. Some of the most popular conjure minerals are; Alum, Blueing, Coins, Red Brick Dusk, Salt, Graveyard Dirt, Goofer Dust, Lodestones, Magnetic Sand, Nails, Pyrite, and Sulphur. bitter-aloes
In addition to the unique use of minerals and whole roots in Hoodoo, the use of zoological curios sets rootwork apart from many other herbal magical practices.  Zoological curios used in conjure practices include; Alligator Foot, Alligator Tooth, Badger Tooth, Black Cat Hair, Black Dog Hair, Black Hen Feathers, Black Hen Eggs, Cat's Eye Shells, Crab Shell Powder, Cowrie Shells, Eggshell Powder, Red Fire Ants, Human Finger Bones, Rabbit Feet, Racoon Penis Bones (shown right), and Snake Sheds. bitter-aloes
Natural resins are used in Hoodoo as incense burned on charcoal and as curios in mojo bags. Resins that are used in conjure work include; Benzoin, Camphor, Copal Negro, Copal Oro, Dragon's Blood, Frankincense, Gum Arabic, Myrrh, and Pine.

How Herbs, Roots, and Curios are Used

For Tricks and Folk Magic - Most items used in Hoodoo are associated with simple spells such as placing one bay leaf in the corner of each room to avoid being jinxed, wrapping comfrey leaves around your money to keep cash in your pocket, or place baby teeth in a bag of flax seed to keep a child safe.  These simple tricks have proven to be very effective, and each package of Lucky Mojo herb comes with instructions on how you can use them in this way.  Herbs are also set out on an altar space as an offering or to draw money and love to the practitioner.

Mojo Bags and Container Spells - One of the most common uses of herbs, roots, and curios is to place them in a red flannel bag.  Other colors of flannel bags have come into popularity.  Herbs, roots and curios are also added to honey jars spells, sugar box spells, bottle spells, poppet/baby doll spells and other kinds of container spells.

Herbal Baths, Teas and Washes - Herbs are used to make herbal baths and washes that are used in bathing, spiritual cleaning, hand washing, and floor washing.  The herbs are traditionally soaked in boiling water for an odd number of minutes to make a "tea" that is then added to the wash water.  Edible herbs are also used to make herbal teas that are consumed to draw love, luck, success and psychic power.

Dressing Candles - Finely ground herb mixes can be rolled onto an offertory candle to strength the work.  Herbs and cut roots can be added to glass encased vigil candles; the final placement of the roots on the glass are used to divine the results of the work.  Thicker candles, such as jumbo candle or figural candles can be loaded from the bottom with herbs and petition papers.

Ingredients in Oils, Incense, Sachets and Bath Crystals - Properly made Hoodoo oils, incense powders, sachet powders and bath crystals have ground herbs, roots and minerals in them.  The power of rootwork is in these natural ingredient.  All Lucky Mojo Hoodoo oils and foils contain real magical herbs, roots and minerals in the package or bottle.


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