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Sachet Powder Book Page

Having gone out of favor in many practices in recent time, and having almost no introduction to the pagan community, condition sachet powders are a long standing staple in Hoodoo. The practice of blowing and sprinkling powders comes from African magical traditions, and European influences.

Before the introduction of compounding sachet powders with talc powders, sprinkling powders were made primarily of natural minerals and herbal mixtures such as salt, sand, pepper, sulphur powder, graveyard dirt and the well known Goofer Dust. Talc based sachet powders are a blend of traditional minerals and magical herbs, along with condition oils.

The most common type of Sachet Powder used in Hoodoo are the condition powders, made of the same formula’s of the Hoodoo Condition Oils. These powders are used in a wide variety of ways; sprinkling on the ground, blowing from the hand, dusting on papers, dressing candles and wearing on the body.

The choice of formula’s for condition powders are as broad as that as it is for bath crystals, incense powders and of course hoodoo ritual oils. Famous names such as Money Drawing, Fast Luck, Crown of Success, Uncrossing and Road Opener can be found in Hoodoo Sachet Powders.

For those that make use of astrological work when “doing a job” or ritual, having Zodiac sachet powders makes a great deal of sense. Because sachet powders can be used both on candles and on papers, sachet powders that are made with herbs and roots associated with the Zodiac signs can be used to personalize candles, and dress astrological charts to bring about specific influences. Henri Gamache popularized the use of Zodiac Oils in his book The Master Book of Candle Burning.

Look for Lucky Mojo Zodiac Sachet Powders in our shop.

Another choice to be considered in addition to condition powders are sachet powders made with powders and herbs associated with planetary influences. Planetary sachet powders can be used to further attune astrological work, or to strengthen work that is traditionally done on specific days.

Need to draw more of the power of Jupiter into money work, then dress candles, petition papers or your altar space with Jupiter sachet powder.

How Sachet Powders are
Used in Hoodoo Practices

Blowing – A practice that comes from African traditions is blowing powders onto another person or in some cases a space. The powder is traditionally held in the hand and then blown onto the person. This may be done for both enemy work and blessing.

Sprinkling – One of the most common uses of condition powders is sprinkling the powders either in the path of an enemy or in the corners of a room. Goofer Dust and Hot Foot powder are two of the most common formulas to be used when laying foot track magic in the path of your enemy, to cause them to move out of their home, or to be crossed or “goofered”. Powders can also be sprinkled in the four corners of the room for protection, blessing and prosperity.

Another recent introduction into Hoodoo is the practice of blending a sachet powder with baking soda to use as a carpet sprinkle in place of a floor wash for homes with wall to wall carpet.

Dusting Candles – After a candle has been anointed with a condition or ritual oil, sachet powders may then be dusted on the candle creating a smooth feeling candle that is very nice to handle. The same formula may be used to strength the work, or zodiac powders may be used to personalize the work. Alternatively, for those that wish to bring about two similar conditions without using two oils, a complimentary choice of oil and powder may be selected, such as Lucky Mojo Money Drawing Oil, and Lucky Mojo Money Stay With Me Sachet Powder to seal and keep the money that is drawn.

Dressing Papers – In candle shops, jars of sachet powders can often be found along side candle dressing oils such as Lucky Mojo Healing Oil. The sachet powders are used to anoint the hand written petition papers made by the client, or photographs that are added to the candle work.

In addition to the dressing of petition papers and photographs, sachet powders are used to dress all forms of papers that a client may wish to influence on. Formulas such as Crown of Success, King Solomon Wisdom, Court Case, Boss Fix and Lucky 13 Lottery can be used to dress proposals, homework, court papers, job applications and lottery tickets.

Wearing on the body – Many woman, and even men, dress their bodies with commercially available powders, before they dress or add to their shoes. Condition powders like Lucky Mojo Love Me Sachet Powder can be used in replacement of these bringing about love, success, prosperity and luck.


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