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Hoodoo Library

Hoodoo has a long standing and well documented position in our American History.  The roots of these African traditions were described as early as the 1800s.  We owe a debt of gratitude to these authors, many of whom were African American themselves.  The works of Alice Bacon, Charles Chestnutt, Stewart Culin, Daniel Davis, Julien Hall, Lafcadio Hearn, Leonora Herron, Thaddeus Norris, Mary Alicia Owen, Sallie M. Park, and Louis Pendleton have preserved a tradition and a history that might have been lost.  Whatever our opinions on their methods or beliefs, the body of work produced by these authors in the 19th century provide us with a noble and respectable view of the traditions of our families and our country.  We can say with pride and certainty that Hoodoo has roots!

Here is a brief listing of books and articles published before 1900.  A full bibliography can be found at Southern Spirits; a Hoodoo Bibliography.

  • Folklore and Ethnology: Conjuring and Conjure Doctors in the Southern United States by Alice Bacon

  • The Conjure Woman (fiction) by Charles Chestnutt

  • Concerning Negro Sorcery in the United States and Voodooism in Philadelphia by Stewart Culin

  • Folklore and Ethnology: Conjuration by Daniel Webster Davis

  • Negro Conjuring and Tricking by Julien Hall

  • New Orleans Superstitions by Lafcadio Hearn

  • Folklore and Ethnology: Conjuring and Conjure Doctors in the Southern United States by Leonora Herron

  • Negro Superstitions by Thaddeus Norris

  • Voodoo Tales as Told Among the Negroes of the Southwest by Mary Alicia Owen

  • Voodooism in Tennessee by Sallie Park

  • Negro Folk-Lore and Witchcraft in the South by Louis Pendleton

In the 20th century, Hoodoo became a subject of anthropological research and practical popular interest.  With the publication of Zora Neale Hurston's book Mules and Men, Newbell Niles Puckett's Folk Beliefs of the Southern Negro and the massive documentation by Harry Middleton Hyatt in Hoodoo - Conjuration - Witchcraft - Rootwork, the traditions of African American folk magic continued to be recorded and preserved.  However, it was during this time that we began to see the availability of books on practical rootwork, candle magic, the power of prayer, and spiritual cleansing.  Many of these books were sold in the candle and curio shops of the day, or were available through mail order catalogues, where they were offered alongside Lucky Mojo Oil, John the Conqueror Roots and the famous Magnetic Loadstones.

To begin an education in Hoodoo practice, we can start with the same books available to the rootdoctors of our history.

  • Legends of Incense, Herb, and Oil Magic by Lewis de Claremount

  • The Magic of Herbs Throughout the Ages  by Henri Gamache

  • Protection Against Evil  by Henri Gamache

  • The Master Book of Candle Burning by Henri Gamache

  • Pow-Wows or the Long Lost Friend by John Hohman

  • 6th and 7th Books of Moses, attributed to Moses

  • 8th, 9th, and 10th Books of Moses, edited by Henri Gamache; attributed to Moses

  • Black and White Magic attributed to Marie Laveau, by Bivins

  • The Black Pullet, anonymous

  • The Key of Solomon the King by Clavicula Salomonis

  • Secrets of the Psalms by Godfrey Selig

  • Aunt Sally's Policy Players Dream Book by Aunt Sally

  • Pick'em Dream Book by Rajah Rabo

And in the last twenty years, enter authors which our tradition will forever be grateful to; Jim Haskins and Catherine Yronwode .  Jim Haskins, in his 1978 book Voodoo and Hoodoo, presented a historical perspective on southern conjure lore that is a must read.  The release of Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic in 2002, Catherine Yronwode described a body of knowledge on rootwork that was once again under threat of being lost.  Combined with her Hoodoo Correspondence Course and the vastly respected Lucky Mojo website, she brought conjure to a generation that otherwise might never have learned of these practices.

Additional authors whose works flesh out the scope of our understanding and practice of Hoodoo are Draja Mickahric, Anna Riva, and Charmaine Dey.

  • A Century of Spells by Draja Mickaharic

  • Golden Secrets of Mystic Oils by Anna Riva

  • Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic, by Catherine Yronwode

  • The Magic Candle by Charmaine Dey

  • Spiritual Cleansing by Draja Mickaharic

  • Voodoo and Hoodoo by Jim Haskins

We recommend all of these books and sell them through our Candles and Curios bookstore.

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