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Baths in the Hoodoo Tradition

Bathing, washing, and cleansing are all core principles in the practice of Hoodoo.  The Bible speaks on the commandments of ritual bathing and cleansing.  So it says in Exodus 29:4 "Then bring Aaron and his sons to the entrance to the Tent of Meeting and wash them with water." In John 13:12 Jesus says "Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another's feet".

The power of ritual bathing is born out in both religious and magickal practices.  Every old style conjure doctor knows the power of cleansing; spiritual bathing, house cleansing, and foot washing.

In the modern day many have forgotten the practices of ritual bathing and the role of root doctors in this time honored spiritual practice.  Yet, the need and call for spiritual bathing is perhaps even more necessary now, then in the days of our grandparents.  In lives that never seem to slow down, and are exposed to countless daily occurrences, the pure spiritual joy and magical efficacy of spiritual bathing is critical to our balance in the world, both mundane and magickal.

Let us take a look at the types of baths used in the Hoodoo Tradition and the various ways in which they are used.

Types of Baths used in Hoodoo and Rootwork

Herbal Baths are one of the most popular choices for uncrossing baths, spiritual baths, love drawing baths and hand washes for gambling.  Herbal baths are traditionally made into a tea, by steeping the herbs in boiling water for few minutes, and then strained to be used in the bath or wash water.

We highly recommend Lucky Mojo 13 Day Herb Bath.

Bath Crystals are made with a base of salt and Epsom salts, to which finely ground herbs and condition oils are added.  Bath crystals can be added directly into the bath or wash water and do not need to be made into a tea before hand.

Lucky Mojo offers a full line of Bath Crystals for every condition: love, luck, money, protection, uncrossing, peaceful home and more.

Lucky Mojo Curio Co.: Uncrossing Bath Crystals

Washes and Waters are used in Hoodoo to perform spiritual house cleansings, personal rub-downs and sprinkling.  The most famous of this line of products is Chinese Floor Wash -- no home should be with out it.  Other classic products include Buffalo Ammonia used in uncrossing baths and Four Thieves Vinegar to ward of diseases. 

Additional Lucky Mojo waters, such as Peace Water, Rose Water, Orange Water, and Willow Water all have their place in the Hoodoo practice of bathing, cleansing and washing.

Spiritual Perfumes play a dual role in the practice of Hoodoo: They are use in similar ways to conjure condition oils, however, many of them are also used in rituals of spiritual cleansing.  The most popular of these perfumes is Florida Water, which can be used to wash down tools, spaces, sick clients, and the practitioner's hands.

Other popular perfumes used in ritual cleansing include Hoyt's Cologne for a gambler's lucky hand wash and Kananga Water for purification.

Spiritual Soaps are another popular choice when looking to clear away crossed conditions or to draw in luck, love and money.  Soaps are traditionally prescribed in conjunction with either herbal baths or bath crystals to "continue the work." Florida Water soap and Rue soap are two of the most popular choices for uncrossing baths; however spiritual soaps come in a variety of condition formulas and essential fragrances.

The picture shows a bar of the very popular African Black Soap from Lucky Mojo.

Types of Bathing in Conjure Practices

Spiritual Baths - The most common form of spiritual bathing prescribed by root doctors is the spiritual bath.  The client is provided with either an herbal, mineral, or herb-and-mineral bath along with instructions on how to perform the bath at dawn.  The ritual typically involves anointed candles, incense, and prayer, along with the bathing process itself. Clients are told to bath before sunrise and then to complete the ritual by air drying, dressing in clean clothes and disposing of the bath water in the direction of the sun. We recommend the following Lucky Mojo products for Spiritual Bathing; 13 Herb Bath, Van Van Bath Crystals, Uncrossing Bath Crystals and the 7 Herb bath to attract love.

Bathing a Baby Doll - When a client can not perform the bath themselves, or when a family member wishes to have an uncrossing down on someone in their family, a baby doll can be used in place of the person.  Once the doll has been made and baptized, the client or the rootworker can perform the bathing ritual on the poppet. Traditionally, baby dolls are made from cloth, however for this practice, we recommend a plastic or porcelain doll, or a figural wax candle.

House Cleaning - The second most commonly prescribed cleansing practice by root doctors is a spiritual house cleansing.  These house cleansings can be done by the client, or by the hoodoo doctor themselves.  To spiritual clean their house, clients are given instructions to use herbs, minerals or a special wash such as Chinese Floor Wash in the wash water.  House cleansing begins at down and washes the house from top to bottom, front to back.  Baseboards, window sills, floors, carpets and doorways are all washed down while the client prays for the condition needed.  A candles and an offering of incense is left in each room along with closing prayers.  We recommend paying special attention to the front door, and disposing of the wash water in the direction of the rising sun.

Foot Washing - Foot washing has strong biblical associations and direct practice in the Hoodoo Tradition.  Foot washings are typically done by a rootworker for their client.  The root worker will set out a metal tub along with holy water, a new bar of soap and an appropriate dressing oil or liniment.  The client will sit in a chair, with their feet in the tub, and the root worker will begin the ritual with opening prayers, the washing of the feet and the application of the condition oil.  This practice has become less common in the modern age, however we know that the use of powders such as Hot Foot powder is still going strong and a foot washing is and excellent choice for combating this kind of attack.  We recommend Lucky Mojo 7-11 Holy Oil, Florida Water Soap, and Fear Not To Walk Over Evil ritual oil for this practice.

Hand Washing - The washing of hands is popular among both conjure practitioners and gambler's though for different reasons.  Those who practice Hoodoo are strongly encouraged to wash themselves down after any work they perform; Florida Water is an excellent choice for this.  Conversely, gamblers believe in the power of special lucky hand washings when playing cards, dice and other games of chance.  We recommend the Lucky Mojo Gambler's Gold Hand Wash for this.

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